For anyone that hasn’t heard, we recently started holding some events of our own in the Houston area, in an effort to give the Houston Car scene something else to look forward to as far as meets go. Our previous eventĀ  in July was an immense success with an amazing turnout and event participation, but we wanted to have another go at it and see what would happen, and boy oh boy the Car Community did not Disappoint. We filled up the lot almost before the event had even begun and we had so many different types of cars from all over Texas! Some of ya’ll even made the trek in from Austin and Dallas area and we appreciate the heck out of you guys making that trip.

$1800 raised!

In addition to giving everyone the opportunity to get out of the house and get together, we wanted to be able to give the meet an extra layer of depth and meaning, more than just a social gathering, but for a good cause. So for the first time, we offered a Raffle for the chance to win a free set of our wheels with all of the proceeds going to the Hurricane Relief effort for those affected by Hurricane Laura in Central Louisiana. We have to say that we were simply amazed at the turnout and participation in the raffle that we were able to raise, $1,800 in relief funds that 100% of will be sent directly to one of the Hurricane Relief programs.

Check out the photos