At Ferrada Wheels, we’re dedicated to realizing our vision of elevating automotive performance through innovative design. And it is this clarity of vision that has stood us in good stead over the years, allowing our brand to stand the test of time and our wheels to exceed even the highest client expectations. Our warranty is an unequivocal statement of confidence in the quality of our wheels, which go through the highest standards of testing and quality control, yielding a range of far superior products that we’re proud to brand Ferrada. This stringent process of extensive testing and inspection is the reason why we’re able to provide a lifetime structural warranty in the event of a structural failure caused by a manufacturer defect – proof that we stand behind our workmanship, 100%. Each individual wheel is subject to intense inspection by our manufacturer prior to packaging, as well as a secondary inspection prior to customer shipment in order to guarantee perfection in our product.

Warranty Conditions

Product is damaged in transit, misuse, accident, negligence, modifications, repairs, or any alterations by anyone other than Ferrada Wheels.

 Product is used in conjunction with any hardware, adaptors, etc., not supplied by Ferrada Wheels.

Products that have been subject to corrosion of the finish due to neglect, harsh cleaning chemicals, automatic car washes, adverse weather conditions, or improper product care. 

Damage occurred during installation or rotation.

Customers in Northern climate regions that receive heavy snowfall or where they salt the roads, your wheels may not be covered under our 1 (One) Year Finish Warranty. Road Salt is a known caustic agent that can compromise the integrity of a wheels finish. As such, if we deem that the finish has been damaged by improper installation or damaged by a caustic agent like Road Salt, we reserve the right to not honor the Finish Warranty.

***During harsh snowfall conditions requiring road salt we recommend during those times you store your Ferrada Wheels safely and use a winter set of wheels to protect your specialty finishes..***

Any improper tire sizes not recommended by the Ferrada Team, such as stretched tires, over-sized tires and RUN-FLATS are not covered under warranty. Please refer to guide below for Maximum Tire Size allowed per wheel width to remain covered under our Warranty.

***These are the limited conditions in which a warranty may be voided.***

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Wheel size
Maximum Tire width
19×8.5 245
19×9.5 265
19×10.5 295
Wheel size
Maximum Tire width
20×8.5 235
20×9 255
20×10 275
20×10.5 295
20×11 305
20×11.5 315
20×12 335
Wheel size
Maximum Tire width
22×9 255
22×9.5 265
22×10.5 295
22×11 305
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